Rod Michaels 

















Selected Discography
Barenaked Ladies     Maybe You Should Drive   Engineer

Toni Braxton             Secrets  
("Metro" Soundtrack)   Engineer 

Toni Braxton             "My Letter"   Mixing

Seal                          "Don't Cry"   Mixing

Bette Midler       
        Bathhouse Betty   Mixing

Tony Toni Tone           House of Music     Mixing

Coolio w/Lakeside      "It's All The Way Live"  ("Eddie" Soundtrack)  

Madonna                   "Love Don't Live Here Anymore"   (Radio Remix)

TLC                           "Waterfalls"    (GRAMMY Performance Remix)

Royal Crown Revue      The Contender  Mixing
Shaquille O'Neal     
    You Can't Stop The Reign   Engineer 

TQ                            They Never Saw Me Coming    Engineer 
Alice Cooper               A Fistful of Alice     Mixing

Domino                      Physical Funk   
Love And Rockets       Live Performance Remixes   Mixing
N'Dea Davenport        N'Dea Davenport   Engineer

Montell Jordon   
        "Bounce To This"   Engineer
Westside Connection    "Bowdown"     Mixing

Delinquint Habits         "When The Stakes Are High"   (Radio Remix)
Goodie Mob                "Guess Who"    (Radio Remix)
Andre Crouch              "My Tribute"  Mixing
Ce Ce Peniston             "Movin' On"  Mixing

Katrina Carlson          
   Apples For Eve          Engineer 
Songwriter's Retreat:    Engineer 
Carole King/Tal Bachman
Jon Bon Jovi/Jane Wiedlan
Stewart Copeland/Howard Jones
Belinda Carlisle       

                        Nothing Like The Sun  
(DTS 5.1)

Belinda Carlisle       
    A Woman And A Man  (DTS 5.1)

Patrick Leonard            Rivers  
(DTS 5.1)
Freddie Ravel                 "Sol To Soul"    (DTS 5.1)

Manolo Garcia (Spain)
     Nunca El Tiempo Es Perdido*   Engineer/Mix 
Manolo Garcia (Spain)     Arena En Los Bolsillos    Engineer 
Manolo Garcia (Spain)     Singles Collection (Arena En Los Bolsillos)  Mixing

Raul (Spain)                    Haciendo Trampas**     Mixing
Mr. Lawrence (Estonia)      Sitandspin     Engineer/Produce/Mix
Stanley (Taiwan)                Stanley      Mixing
Solid (Taiwan)                   Solidate   Engineer
Beyond  (Japan)                Beyond   Mixing
Hide (of X-Japan)              Psyence   Mixing

*2001 Album of the Year/Male Vocalist of the Year          **2001 Best New Artist
Coca Cola                         Various Radio and TV Spots   Engineer/Mix
"Go Tigers!"                      Original Songs By Katrina Carlson   Engineer/Mix
"Cyborg 2"                        Trimark Pictures - Original Score    Mixing
"Picket Fences"                 CBS Television - Dubbing    Produce
NHK TV Japan                    English Version of Foreign TV Shows   Engineer/Produce/Mix

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